Meet the Rogue Twins

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The Rogue twins are two evolutionary DeFi tokens that work symbiotically together to deliver strong and stable investor returns.

The “twin” token concept (of which the Rogue twins are the first) is a unique development in the community DeFi space which couples two tokens together in a manner where their tokenomics and socials feed and strengthen each other in an endless virtuous cycle. As one token does well it bolsters the other which in turn reciprocates in a continuous loop.

The Rogue Twins also share a transaction tax funded community treasury which is, amongst other things, applied to regulate and reinforce the ongoing relationship between the two tokens as well as provide an exciting first-of-a-kind investment platform for the community at large.

Through innovative use cases, guardianship tokenomics and strong community support, the Rogue twins are ready to disrupt and redefine what is possible in the DeFi community token space and to fuel their one-way journey to Uranus!

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